Witchy mentorship apprentice program 

*On Sale*

If you are a beginner to witchcraft and you want to work with me,  I am offering my personal

Witchy mentorship apprentice program

Right now you can change your future by creating your own spiritual path where you create your own reality.

I offer 2 packages.

The Silver package is a 8 week apprenticeship and  will include

  • Unlimited email communication
  • 1 weekly phone call (1hour)
  • Workbooks created personal for you.
  • Book of Shadows printables
  • Spells, rituals and a self dedication created personal for you.
  • Daily meditation sent to your email, plus extras…
  • You will also get a tarot reading once a week to determine what it is you need the most help with on your spiritual study.

This program is created personal for each person,  no 2 people will have the same experience. The outcome is for the beginner witch to have a mentor to learn from in a personal level. This is not a wiccan degree system,  it is a witchcraft mixed with hoodoo folk magic, it’s not religion it’s spirituality.
You will learn

  • How to make an alter
  • How to work with spirit and your ancestors
  • How to write your own spells and rituals
  • How to mediate, visualization,
  • How to cast spells
  • Ethics
  • Moon phases and sabbats
  • And more..

The gold packagonwill be a 4-6 month program, based on your development. You will get everything in the silver package plus…

  • The basics of tarot,  and other divination methods
  • Herb magick
  • Gemstones
  • 1 spell cast for you
  • Psychic development
  • More live calls plus access to me anytime.
  • Once a week tarot reading to determine spiritual growth.

Witchy mentorship apprentice program 

  • Silver package – regularly 125$ *on sale threw January 1st, 2017 *75$
  • Gold package –  regularly 350$* on sale threw January 1st 2017 *250$

This is the introduction price, prices will go up after the first round of programs. You will also receive a certificate of completion that you can show online or print out when you complete the Gold program. 

I Will be giving away one of each packages.  If you are interested contact me for more info.

I will consider trades and payment plans.

I only schedule 4 packages at a time so that everyone is guaranteed my full attention.